Example One Example Two ΤΗΕΜΕ: dilemmas di- "two" + lemma "premise, anything received or taken," from root of
lambanein "to take" a situation in
which a difficult choice has to be
made between two different things
we could do.

Slide asterisk The asterisk is used globally as a symbol to call out footnotes and further explanations. Surprisingly (and not etymologically speaking),
it contains the word “risk”. Every choice hides
a risk and every dilemma could be captured as
an asterisk that refers to two situations
between which a choice should be made.
All our dilemmas and decisions shape our identity, and vice versa, our identity determines our choices. What are the criteria for making a decision? How and to what extent does it affect us? Is the final choice always as difficult as it seems? Or maybe not? identity (DNA)

personal dilemmas

They affected the personal life of the speakers

Asset 25

social dilemmas

They discuss issues such as diversity, health, art, information & dissemination

Asset 26

bio-ethical dilemmas

They come from the field of humanities, sciences & technology

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