Slide "ENTREPRENEURSHIP" His profile, as well as his professional career have taught him the possible difficulties and problems that someone would face, but also the ways in which could cope with them. Through Konstantinos’ workshop about Εntrepreneurship someone will find out ‘’why he should not become an entrepreneur ‘’. Or maybe not? Workshop 1 Close

Slide "INNOVATION" This workshop explores basic principles of innovation and the role of creativity in achieving innovative goals. It discusses the diffusion mechanism, the innovation stages, as well as the European Union policies and statistical indicators. Last, it presents the proposals for increasing innovation and the vision of the Liaison Office of the University of West Attica. Workshop 2 Close

Slide "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP" The key to personal happiness and success is to utilize and evaluate the experiences we gain in childhood and later in life. From these we keep the ones that suit us and get rid of the toxic ones. We change and improve ourselves, we take risks and we try at our every step to make the world a better place. Workshop 3 Close

Slide “MENTAL RESILIENCE” Mental resilience is a person's positive adjustment after a traumatic event as well as his ability to recover by compensating for mental pain. Through this workshop we will get to know reframing techniques and our protective factors against difficulties. Workshop 4 Close